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Review :: The Quiet Way | Chris Lilley

Title: The Quiet Way - Selected Poems
Author: Chris Lilley
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Year: 2016
The Quiet Way is a collection of poems written by someone who suffered with depression and attempted suicide. These poems are divided in four chapters, in which we can find Chris' childhood memories and his darkest period in life. On the other hand, he speaks a lot about love and his relationship with God that, somehow, helped him to overcome his problems. Also, his poetry is full of metaphors and his words give many advices to our lives.
I enjoyed a lot these poems, but two of them touched my heart, specially this one:

Fear Itself
I do not fear the smoking gun
But the man who pulls the trigger
I do not fear the pointed hood
But the man who calls me nigger

I do not fear the Lord
But the man who claims His voice
I do not fear death
But the boy who holds the choice

I read this book in one day but I think people should take their time to enjoy every word and every feeling they get. I truly recommend this reading to those who are in the same situation as Chris Lilley did, or know someone who are still dealing with depression. This book is very inspirational.

Thank you, Chris, for sending me a signed copy of this amazing poetry book. All the best to you!

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