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Review :: Borrowing Alex | Cindy Procter-King

Title: Borrowing Alex
Author: Cindy Procter-King
Publisher: Blue Orchard Books
Year: 2013 (2nd edition)

Nikki St. James wants to get married more than anything. But what’s she to do when her fiancé spends his days sucking up to her rich father instead of helping with the simple task of, oh, setting a date? Why...fake a fling with the best man, of course!
Nikki is the first to admit that ambushing Alex Hart and whisking him off to secluded Lake Eden is a tad desperate. But maybe pretending she’s hot for the handsome history professor will kick-start the attention of her future groom. Besides, a sojourn at a lakeside cabin is exactly what uptight Alex needs. Not that Nikki cares what he needs or how sexy he is....
Alex is not on-board with Nikki’s plan. Yeah, he’d love a break from his quest to achieve tenure at warp speed, but getting kidnapped by a crazy blonde hardly tops his to-do list. If what he’s heard is true and Nikki is perfectly happy with her “open” engagement to his former college roommate, why bother getting married?
Quickly, he realizes Nikki isn’t a wild party girl at all. She’s cute, sweet—and faithful. Against his common sense, he’s falling for her. Should he spill the beans about her cheating fiancé? Or will he ruin his own chance for a happy ending?

Borrowing Alex is a romantic comedy which, in the beggining, didn't captivate my full attention. That might be due to Nikki, the girl who borrowed Alex, kidnapping him, in an ultimatum attempt to her fiancé, Royce. I found this act too foolish and desperate and it gave me a bad image of her. However, as I kept my reading, I felt just like Alex: jumped to conclusions about Nikki without knowing her well enough.
Along the story, Nikki and Alex meet each other (just like they were completely strangers) and new and beautiful feelings start growing.
I think that the end is too predictable. Despite that, I enjoyed very much the comedy aspects in the story and truly loved Nikki's pets: two dogs, a cat and then a bunny (also a snake appeared in the story, but I don't like snakes: I respect them!).
In general, I liked this book. It is light, funny and also makes us look at what really matters for true love.
I recommend this book to everyone who loves romances in general. Read it, it's worth it!

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