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Review :: My Name Is Tiarra | Mimi Marten

Title: My Name Is Tiarra
Author: Mimi Marten
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Year: 2016

Tiarra Simon comes from an impressive international family of diplomats. She now lives a comfortable and somewhat routine life as a soccer mom on the island of Maui. But that changes when she, and Reese Martinez, youth soccer coach, arrive to London for a meeting with Alexei Ibramovich, the powerful, intimidating, and rich owner of the Chelsea United Football Club.
Coming to secure an endowment and coaching assistance for soccer youth on Maui, she quickly realizes that much more is at play. Alexei is as mysterious and dark as his past seems to suggest. From the moment they meet, there is electricity in the air and they both feel the magnetism. Alexei is overwhelmed by Tiarra, but he doesn’t know what to do with his feelings for her or even with the woman herself.
Tiarra’s family is at the heart of everything she does. Her husband Sergio, who himself comes from an international and political family from Argentina, and her two boys. Thus, as her integrity, her values, and her relationships get tested, she attempts the impossible in London.
Tiarra Simon is a force of nature. Love her or hate her, she will get to you. As Tiarra sweeps through their lives, no one is the same.

I love Tiarra! She is confident, strong and independent: everything that everyone would like to be. Also, she comes from an international family and she travels a lot and knows many languages. For me, she is complete, even an idol! However, sometimes I felt that her qualities were too highlighted, which made people around her look a bit submissive, although that fact gave the story a lot more fun!
In this book, we find Tiarra's special goal: to help the kids of Maui, her home, in Hawaii. In order to achieve it, she travels to London with Reese to meet the board of directors of Chelsea's football club and its players, so they can help them monetarily.
The story is a serie of events of this trip, where we can follow Tiarra's adventure and get to know the reasons why she chose this club in particular.
I felt that this story should be real! The willing of this woman to help children is praiseworthy and I think she made a great choice by speaking to the rich people of Football. Those who have millions should help the ones that have less but still admire them. The world would be so much better!
Besides, I loved the traveling aspects: they flew from the other side of the planet to London, being also in Paris, for this special purpose.
Because it's about football, Cristiano Ronaldo's name had to appear! 😀 And I was not expecting to see José Mourinho playing a role in the story. As a Portuguese, I felt very proud!
I enjoyed the author's writing. There were plenty of formal scenes and dialogues, but the majority of the descriptions were informal, comic sometimes, and very easy to read.
The way it ends invites us to read the next two books. I confess that I'm interested!
I recommend this book to those who like the football's world, travels and people that help others. You really need to meet Tiarra.

Do you know Tiarra's series? What do you think?

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