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Received book :: "2024: A History of the Future"

Hello! I'm here today to share with you my newest book, won on Goodreads: 2024: A History of the Future, gently sent by its author, Chris Oswald. The book looks very interesting, once it addresses the issue to the past and the future of Britain.
I guess I will have a challenging reading, since the book has 401 pages written in English, but I will read it as soon as I can so I can tell you what I think about it.

I must thank Chris Oswald for sending me this copy with a very special message on it! 🙂

Title: 2024: A History of the Future
Author: Chris Oswald
Publisher: Newmore Publishing
Year: 2017 (2nd edition)

Something had to change.
Someone had to lead that change.
But was he up to the task?
George was an intellectual, a journalist, a writer: more theory than practice. Could he lead the country to a new beginning?
Someone had to stand up to the tyranny, the controlling force that had crept up to overtake their lives. Someone who could espouse the principles they all believed in.
But George had always been on the sidelines, involved but not committed. A product of the establishment but not a driving force.
Until now. Until he made the ultimate decision. A decision that would dramatically alter the fate of their country.
Britain was a sorry state; controlled, whittled down, oppressed and depressed.
Until now.
2024: A History of the Future is an engaging tale of the struggle to make change to a nation and to all those involved. Both historical novel and political thriller, it will take you into the future and back into the past, tying the two together in one story. One drama to fashion our future.
Through the Past.

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