quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2016

Received book :: "Robot Coconut Trees"

Hello! Today I'm writing my first post in English because I just received the book Robot Coconut Trees, by Kelsey Horton, who sponsored a giveaway on Goodreads. I truly love this platform because there we can create our own bookshelves, rate books, write opinions and find new authors - mostly on giveaways. This is my second prize won on Goodreads (the first one was a pair of books by Cassia Cassitas, whose opinions you can find here and here).
When I got this book, I loved its colours, as well as the cover texture. It is also a dimensionally small book, so I found it cute.
What am I expecting from Robot Coconut Trees? Well, as I am a blogger and I like to write, I hope it gives me some advices to develop my way of thinking and writing.

Title: Robot Coconut Trees
Author: Kelsey Horton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Year: 2016

In Robot Coconut Trees, Kelsey Horton helps fiercely jump-start your writing practice through stories, exercises, inspiration, and fun writing prompts. As a blogger who reaches readers around the world, Kelsey tells how she went from keeping her writing dreams buried under the weight of "Real Life" to creating finished writing pieces and sharing them with the world. You'll discover how to:
  • Daydream, journal, and freewrite your way to fresh new writing ideas
  • Tap into your innate childlike creativity
  • Muster the courageousness to begin - over and over again
  • Break through sticky limiting beliefs of guilt, doubt, perfectionism, and writer's block
  • Unapologetically share your finished work with the world
You are capable of moving from hiding to shining, from apathetic to empowered, from "Maybe I could write someday..." to "I am a writer." The world needs your light, your heartbreak.your dazzling stories, and your unprecedented self-expression. Now is the time to begin.

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  1. Hey
    Eu também amo o Goodreads, mesmo ainda não dominado completamente a língua inglesa que me impediu por exemplo de achar a área onde fica o sorteios.
    Se bem que de qualquer forma eu não iria ganhar porque a senhorita "Sorte" não é muito minha amiga rs..
    Achei interessante esse livro para quem é blogueira.


    Meu mundinho quase perfeito

    1. Olá! Os sorteios encontram-se em "Browse -> Giveaways". Apesar de a maioria dos livros ser em inglês, por vezes há livros em português. Tenta a tua sorte, pois eu também pensava que seria impossível e já consegui ganhar três (os dois primeiros em português)! Ah, e os livros em inglês ajudam muito a melhorar o nosso nível no idioma. ;)