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Review :: Forever More: A Love Story From the Edge of Eternity | Michele DeLuca

Title: Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity
Author: Michele DeLuca
Editor: Joyride Press
Year: 2016

As passings go, he told me his was a good one. When they found his body, there was a slight smile upon his face as if he were happily dreaming in his favorite armchair. It wasn't long after his carthly remains had been dispatched to the cemetery, that his spirit started showing up in my life. And while I know it sounds odd that anyone could fall in love with a dead man, I have to tell you that his energy was more alive than anyone I've ever known in physical form.
In the beginning, I thought he had come to me for help to heal the hearts of his daughter and granddaughter. Though that part of it, he also saved my life and led me to finally understand what it felt like to be truly known and exquisitely loved. His presence helped to unfold in me an astounding late-life blossoming of which I could't have dreamt. Much later, when I was an old woman, I realized it was all of that and so much more. My name is Rebecca St. Claire, and this is my story of Sebastian.
From "Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity"

As I started my reading and realized this story would talk about a relationship between a woman and a dead man, I wondered how that could be possible. I guess everyone would wonder the same! In the beginning, I must say, I was a kind afraid of what I was going to read, just because this issue is not referred in books very often. Also, I am very sceptical about life after death and spiritualist religion. Nevertheless, I was interested in finding out Michele DeLuca point of view and the story was gradually catching me.
I liked Rebecca and felt a special sympathy for her. She passes by difficult problems in life, but it's when she returns to Lily Dale, a community where she was raised, that her life changes completely. She meets Sebastian's spirit, who wants her to help him, and she falls in love with him. It looks like something impossible to happen, but in this story we can follow their discovers about mediumship and all the issues related to it.
Just like the main character, I felt death as a softer thing; when a person passes away, its body life is gone, but not its soul. Maybe Heaven does exist and it gathers all the people... Or maybe this is the best way to think of death and deal with it. :)
Once again, I enjoyed very much this book!

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