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Review :: Jais | Jason Kasper

Title: Jais (David Rivers Series #1)
Author: Jason Kasper
Publisher: Jason Kasper
Year: 2016
Welcome to the war.
David Rivers returns from combat to find the silence of peace deafening. Escaping into the thrill of BASE jumping keeps a darkness growing within him at bay, until a discharge from military service pushes him over the edge.
After brutally settling his final score, David is confronted by three men who emerge from the shadows, having watched unseen as he committed ruthless, cold-blooded murder.
Now, they want him to do it again.
David undertakes the single most dangerous assignment of his life, earning admission into the dark underworld of ex-special operators for hire and plunging headlong into a new war, where victory is defined by profit and the rules are set by the highest bidder.

But as the stakes - and the payoff - continue to rise, his pursuit of the impossible is turning into a battle for survival, and David must confront the growing realization that his greatest enemy may not be within after all. 
Jais, the debut novel by Jason Kasper, is the first book in the David Rivers Series.

I won this book on Goodreads and, in return, I must write a honest review of it.
First, I must say that this is not my favorite book genre at all. Perhaps, that's why I didn't like it as much as I wanted, because I always make an effort to enjoy every book I read.
This is a book about war. So, most of the excerpts are violent, heavy and sometimes the descriptions are quite explicit. While reading these parts, I felt a bit uncomfortable and now and then I didn't pay much attention on it.
Besides that, I found other things much more interesting about the story related to the main character, David Rivers, such as his problems and struggles in life. He writes about them and through it we can see how psychologically damaged he is. Thus, the depression and suicide issues are very present here.
Sometimes, romantic excerpts appear and, for me, as a romance fan, those are the best parts, although they are few and not as developed as I'd enjoyed. Anyway, this is not a romance book!
Final thoughts: my personal taste didn't allow me to enjoy very much the story but I didn't totally disliked: it was OK. I think it is a good book for thriller lovers because of its adrenaline.
The author's way of writing is appropriate for this type of story, which is a good aspect.
Once more, I must thank the author for the opportunity to read this book and I wish all the best for his career!

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