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Review :: Robot Coconut Trees | Kelsey Horton

Title: Robot Coconut Trees
Author: Kelsey Horton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Year: 2016

In Robot Coconut Trees, Kelsey Horton helps fiercely jump-start your writing practice through stories, exercises, inspiration, and fun writing prompts. As a blogger who reaches readers around the world, Kelsey tells how she went from keeping her writing dreams buried under the weight of "Real Life" to creating finished writing pieces and sharing them with the world. You'll discover how to:
  • Daydream, journal, and freewrite your way to fresh new writing ideas
  • Tap into your innate childlike creativity
  • Muster the courageousness to begin - over and over again
  • Break through sticky limiting beliefs of guilt, doubt, perfectionism, and writer's block
  • Unapologetically share your finished work with the world
You are capable of moving from hiding to shining, from apathetic to empowered, from "Maybe I could write someday..." to "I am a writer." The world needs your light, your heartbreak, your dazzling stories, and your unprecedented self-expression. Now is the time to begin.

First of all, I found the title Robot Coconut Trees very curious and the first part of the book explains its origin. And I have to say that it is truly creative!
In this book, Kelsey Horton gives great creativity exercises, advices and tips for those who want to become recognized writers but are quite afraid to share with the world their writings. The author also tells her own experience of when she first disbelieved her dreams but then struggled to achieve her main goal.
In my opinion, this is also a useful book for bloggers (like me) and those who have writing as an important mean of communication. Sometimes we want to write something down but we lack of ideas; this book really helps us to unblock our brain and heart!
I loved reading this book because I felt like Kelsey Horton was by my side encouraging me to do what I love! I love writing. Maybe writing a book is not on my plans, but I created my blog also because I love writing and knowing that people read what I share with them.
After reading Robot Coconut Trees, I visited Kelsey Horton's website and I'm sure I'll follow her work and writings!

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